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My fellow musicians and artists, now’s the time to start producing your own high quality live stream shows. And no, I don’t mean hitting the go live button on your phone.

You might be saying to yourself, “Ya I tried that once, and it didn’t work out so well.”

  • Do you feel overwhelmed and discouraged when it comes to live streaming?
    Is all the tech stuff frustrating you?
  • Have you struggled to achieve a balanced mix between your vocal and your instrument(s)
  • Have you spent money on expensive gear only to find your results haven’t improved?
  • Is the (poor) quality of your live streams holding you back from charging for your shows?
  • Do you simply not know where to start?

You’re not alone, trust me. I’ve heard about all of these struggles and more from many musician friends of mine. Producing your own live stream show isn’t always easy. All this tech stuff comes easy to some, and not to others. It’s something that we’ve never had to deal with as performers in the past. We’re used to getting on stage, having the sound techs take care of the tech stuff, and leave us only to worry about putting on a great performance.

All of the sudden we’re now expected to be experts with microphones, recording software, cameras, lighting equipment, and streaming software. It’s no wonder why so many musicians haven’t taken advantage of live streaming.

In an effort to keep your career and art moving forward, naturally you do what you’re comfortable with, and go live from your phone (telling yourself that this is better than nothing).

You may win the battle of getting your phone to stay propped up at that perfect angle, but nothing you do will get that built-in microphone to make you sound the way you deserve to be heard. You may have even gone out and bought a USB microphone (on the advice of someone online) to help improve your sound. In most cases it certainly will be an upgrade over any built-in microphone, but simply placing it on your desk and calling it a day won’t get you the results you’re hoping for.

On top of all of this, there’s an overload of online content out there, and the majority of it gets dismissed anyways. Musicians and artists are putting together creative high quality videos that commonly receive very little engagement. So what gives? The simple answer is because the content isn’t live. There’s no opportunity for the audience to interact directly with the artist. Who wants to pay money to watch a pre-recorded show?

Audiences are craving for that connection with artists that comes from a live and interactive show.

Especially these days with the decline of live performances. Audiences are more than happy to pay for that connection, but they certainly deserve a memorable experience in return.

What if I told you, producing a high quality live stream doesn’t require a ton of expensive gear?

All you need to get started is a webcam, an audio interface, and a microphone (things you likely already own). I’ve figured out a way to combine free broadcast software (OBS) with the plugins and effects from your DAW, to produce professional quality live stream shows. If you’re a mac user then you already own a full feature DAW (GarageBand), and there are free DAW options available for PC users as well (Ardour).

If you are starting with nothing, one well attended live stream show will easily cover the costs of any equipment purchases you may need. Besides, with this gear you’ll finally have that home recording setup you’ve been thinking about for years. Remember, having the best gear money can buy is great, but it won’t improve your results unless you know how to use it.

If you’ve been wanting to start live streaming your music to audiences online, but need some guidance to navigate all the tech stuff that’s involved, then you’re in the right place.

My name is Georges Couling, I’m a producer, composer, keyboardist, and educator, based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Up until recently, performing live music was a big part of my life, and made up a large part of my income as a musician. Back on the weekend of March 13 2020 I played three live performance gigs. I performed on Friday and Saturday night with two different bands, and had a Sunday afternoon solo piano gig. On Monday we went into lock down due to COVID-19. All of my scheduled gigs got canceled, and I ended up only playing 3 more live gigs for the remainder of 2020. That’s 1 weekend’s worth of work spread out over 9 and a half months.

Like many of you, I’ve watched many of my fellow musicians and friends struggle artistically, emotionally, and financially due to the decline of live performances. Many of us have been getting asked to perform live stream shows for free, or even pay out of pocket in exchange for “online content”. It’s easy to feel like there are little to no avenues for performing left at the moment.

This is exactly why I created Live Streaming for Musicians and Artists.

This course exists to help musicians like you get back to performing in front of an interactive audience. Now’s the time!

By following my Live Streaming for Musicians and Artists online course, I will walk you through the process of producing a high quality live stream show, in an easy to follow, step by step manner. I’ll be covering all the gear. What you need now, and what you can work towards upgrading later once you start generating income (you don’t need a lot to get started).

Here’s what you’ll learn inside the course:

  • Microphone and recording techniques that make your live streams stand out
    • Use these same techniques to improve your home recordings
  • How to use digital audio workstation (DAW) software to add FX (reverb, delay, EQ, compression) to your vocals and instruments
  • How to run a live stream with multiple microphones and camera angles
  • Perform along with pre-recorded material
  • Record your live streams
    • Offer the recordings as a bonus to ticket holders
  • Improve your lighting setup
  • Get the most out of your video camera
  • How to take advantage of free broadcasting software (OBS)
  • Spice up your visuals using green screen effects
  • Perform to audiences all over the world using YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and Zoom.

The course will also cover how to create ticketed events and virtual tip jars to monetize your live stream shows, so that you can get PAID.

You can do this! I’ve been teaching courses in music technology for over a decade, and I’m here to help you.


What My Students Are Saying

Steven Beddall

Georges has put together the quintessential course for musicians who are interested in streaming. The course breaks down all the necessary information in easy to understand, bite sized chunks that doesn't feel overwhelming or complicated. Every step of the way I learned something new and by the time I had finished the course I was ready to rock. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is thinking about streaming as a musician!

Eric Howell

If you're an artist who prefers sinking your teeth into your artistry over mucking around with tech, the livestream learning curve can prove a non-starter. We just want to plug and play, but instead I'm surfing Youtube tutorials for 'best way to livestream with Logic Pro' and hitting roadblock after roadblock. Thankfully I discovered Knuckledustermusic.com and Georges’ tutorials for livestream set ups. With his relaxed demeanor and patient approach Georges removes the frustration from a performing musician's livestream journey. I can't recommend his Livestream course enough! Easy to understand from start to finish. The training wheels are now off, and I can't wait to develop my livestream shows, thanks in no small way to Knuckledustermusic.com!

Terence Jack

Georges 'Live Streaming for Musicians and Artists' course was fundamental to getting my livestream setup going. His teaching method is clear and to the point and provides detailed steps and video examples to make retention easier. It also carried over into my music production as well by furthering my understanding of Logic. I can't wait for his 'Logic Pro X Quickstart' course.

The costs of hiring a team to produce your live stream is going to eat up your profits quickly!

Without the knowledge needed to produce your own online show, you'll be relying on hiring a tech crew to record, film, and broadcast every show. If you’re “lucky”, you may get invited to perform on a live stream where all the tech costs and room fees are taken care of, but in exchange you’ll likely be asked to perform for free.

Live stream costs:

  • $500+ for the room rental
  • $150+ for the audio engineer
  • $150+ for the video tech

And on top of this, there may be equipment rental fees as well.

When compared with the cost of this course, you can easily see the value in producing your own live show.

Enrol today and start live streaming with professional results for only $149.

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30 Day "No Questions Asked" Money Back Guarantee!

If after working your way through the course, you still feel frustrated and overwhelmed about launching your own live streams, I offer a no-questions-asked, 100 Percent, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

I want you to have the opportunity to work through the course risk free. So sign up. Watch all of the videos, and if you’re not completely satisfied with the results within the first 30 days, then you deserve your money back.

Simply email me within 30 days of your initial purchase and I will refund your entire order immediately.

No guilt. No hard feelings.

If it doesn’t work, you don’t pay. It’s that simple.

When you join now you’ll receive these added bonuses to help kick start your live streams

  • My DAW mix templates (GarageBand, Logic, Ableton Live)
    • Cut down on your setup time
    • Improve your audio
  • My pre-show checklist
    • A foolproof run down of what needs to be done before going live



  • Live Streaming For Musicians And Artists Course
  • BONUS Mix Templates
  • BONUS Pre-show Checklist
  • 1 Hour Personalized Tech Consultation



  • Live Streaming For Musicians And Artists Course
  • BONUS Mix Templates
  • BONUS Pre-show Checklist
  • 1 Hour Personalized Tech Consultation

Frequently Asked Questions

As an artist and musician in 2021 you’ve got two options:

Option 1:

  • Keep your career and your craft moving forward.
  • Nurture your existing fans who are eagerly awaiting to see and hear you perform.
  • Create and build connections directly with new fans.

Option 2:

  • Put everything on pause, and hope you can start back up where you left off later down the road.

Think of all those towns you’ve toured through, and the fans who signed up to join your mailing list along the way. You can now reach all of those same people right from home without needing to drive hours across the country.

TIP: When was the last time you downloaded those email addresses that are waiting for you in your bandcamp sales account?



  • Live Streaming For Musicians And Artists Course
  • BONUS Mix Templates
  • BONUS Pre-show Checklist
  • 1 Hour Personalized Tech Consultation



  • Live Streaming For Musicians And Artists Course
  • BONUS Mix Templates
  • BONUS Pre-show Checklist
  • 1 Hour Personalized Tech Consultation

I’m really excited to help you start live streaming, and I’ll be here every step of the way. Join now and don’t miss out!