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Steven Slate Audio VSX Headphone Review, Walkthrough, and Tips!

gear Mar 07, 2024
vsx headphones

Today, we're delving into the Steven Slate Audio VSX headphones, offering an honest review and a walkthrough to help you decide if they're the right fit for your studio setup.

The VSX headphones aim to revolutionize the mixing experience by simulating the acoustics of various listening environments, from renowned studios to car systems, all within a pair of headphones. This groundbreaking concept promises to streamline the mixing process, eliminating the need for constant cross-referencing across different playback systems.

With two available packages – the Essentials Edition and the Platinum Edition – users can tailor their VSX experience to their specific needs and budget. While both editions feature the same high-quality headphones, the Platinum Edition offers an extensive selection of simulated rooms for unparalleled versatility.

Navigating the VSX software is intuitive, whether using the systemwide application for monitoring across all programs or integrating the plugin directly into your digital audio workstation (DAW). The software allows for easy adjustment of settings, including ear profile customization and speaker selection, ensuring a personalized listening experience.

The portability of the VSX headphones opens up new possibilities for music production. Whether you're on the go, traveling, or working in environments where loudspeakers aren't feasible, these headphones provide a reliable solution. Their ability to deliver accurate sound reproduction in any setting allows for seamless workflow continuity, ensuring consistent and reliable results regardless of your location.

Overall, the Steven Slate VSX headphones present a compelling option for both seasoned producers and newcomers to the mixing scene. Their portability, accuracy, and innovative approach to simulating diverse listening environments make them a valuable addition to any home studio setup.

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00:00 Intro
00:33 A Look at the Headphones
00:54 What is VSX?
02:15 Essentials vs Platinum Edition
03:25 VSX Systemwide
04:25 VSX DAW Plugin
04:51 Getting Started in VSX
09:35 Room Auditions
12:25 VSX Mixing Tips
14:45 Is VSX for you?
16:14 Final Thoughts