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My go to Stereo Mix Bus Plugins!

plugins Mar 14, 2024
stereo mix bus

Today I'm going to reveal my favourite plugins I use on my stereo bus (mix bus, stereo output, master output) on almost every mix.

Follow along as I demonstrate how I apply each plugin to a sample track. From adding warmth with virtual tape machines to enhancing clarity with dynamic EQs, I'll provide valuable insights into my process.

In this video you'll learn:

  • Each plugin's role in shaping a professional sound
  • An overview of plugins by Slate Digital, iZotope, and more
  • Optimize your loudness levels for Spotify and other streaming platforms

00:00 Intro
00:28 Stereo Output Channel Presets
02:41 VMR Virtual Mixbuss
04:44 Fresh Air
06:20 Gullfoss
07:57 VBC FG-Grey
09:22 Virtual Tape Machine
10:42 Ozone & Loudness
14:38 VSX
15:05 Sonarworks
15:50 Final Thoughts