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How to use the Vocoder in Logic Pro: Vocal Effects

logic pro plugins Feb 29, 2024

Are you ready to add some serious flair to your tracks? Today, we're diving into the magical world of the vocoder plugin in Logic Pro. If you've ever marvelled at the unique vocal effects of artists like Daft Punk, get ready to bring that same energy to your own music.

1. Setting the Stage

First things first, let's load up the vocoder plugin. Head to the plus button to create a new track, select "software instrument," and choose the vocoder from the instrument menu. Now, it's time to lay down some MIDI chords to guide our vocoder's output.

2. The Vocoder Unleashed

With our vocal track ready to roll, it's time to blend it with the vocoder. By side-chaining the vocal signal into the vocoder, we're set to create some seriously cool effects. Don't forget to explore the array of presets to find the perfect vibe for your track.

3. Dialing in the Details

Now that we've got our vocal and vocoder in harmony, let's fine-tune the sound. Play around with settings like band count, formant shift, and stereo width to sculpt your sound just the way you want it. And don't forget to experiment with blending your original vocal for added depth and texture.

Ready to dive in and start creating your own vocal masterpieces? Check out the full video tutorial for a step-by-step guide to using the vocoder plugin in Logic Pro.

00:00 Intro
00:34 Loading the Vocoder plugin
02:19 Recording our MIDI track
03:34 Editing our MIDI
04:04 Sidechaining our vocal
05:29 Presets
06:43 Bands
07:39 Formant Shift
08:09 Format Stretch
09:03 Ensemble
09:22 Stereo Width
09:42 Filter Cutoff
10:03 Vocal Blend
10:58 Vocoder Tips
11:20 Final Thoughts