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3 Ways to Use Track Stacks in Logic Pro

logic pro Aug 13, 2021
track stacks

In this video I'm going to show you the 3 ways that I use track stacks in my Logic Pro sessions. In the first example I created a layered synth track using 3 different software instruments. This allows me to trigger all 3 instruments at the same time using the track stack. Next I use track stacks often to organize instrument groups in my sessions. This lets me minimize tracks I'm not currently using and helps to keep things organized. Lastly I use track stacks all the time for creating buses such as a drum bus. This lets me easily apply drum bus compression and other processing to the entire drum kit. Additionally, you can then apply automation to the entire bus without having to mess with the individual tracks or instruments within the track stack. 

00:00 Intro
00:06 Creating Layered Instruments
01:54 Creating The Track Stack
02:13 Folder vs Summing Stack
03:07 Triggering The Stack
03:42 Organizing Your Tracks
04:42 Creating Track Buses
06:15 Drum Bus Processing
06:58 Automating A Track Stack
07:58 Recap