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Drum Sample Replacement Using Logic Pro

logic pro Aug 27, 2021
drum sample replace

In this video I'm going to show you how to use the free built-in drum replacement feature in Logic Pro. Adding drum samples can help augment your drum recordings and improve your mix. You may choose to do this if the recorded drums no longer match the vibe of the song, if there was a problem during the recording process (distortion or noise), or you simply want to add some more punch to the drums.

If you liked the music you heard in this video make sure to check out the Mad Riddim ft. Tugstar performance:

00:00 Intro
00:09 Mic'ing a Drum Kit
01:04 Why Add Samples?
01:30 Original Recording
02:14 Sample Replace The Kick
03:11 Adjusting The Threshold
04:35 Choosing The Kick Sample
05:25 Changing The Sample
05:48 Routing Your Drum Tracks
07:03 Blending In The Kick Sample
07:43 Sample Replace The Snare
08:48 Choosing The Snare Sample
09:15 Bussing The Snare Tracks
10:45 Adding Snare Reverb
11:26 Blending In The Snare Sample
12:15 Entire Drum Kit
12:54 Recap