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Logic Pro's Arpeggiator Plugin (spice up your tracks)

logic pro plugins Feb 23, 2023
logic pro arpeggiator

Today I'm going to demonstrate how to use the Arpeggiator MIDI Effects Plugin in Logic Pro. This plugin is an essential tool that can help you to create melodic sounds by breaking up chords into individual notes. There are factory presets available, or you can create your own arpeggiated patterns by selecting the grid function and creating your own patterns in the grid. The arpeggiator is a great tool to help you create unique and interesting melodic lines in your music.

In this video you'll learn:

  • What's an arpeggiator and how to use it in your own music
  • The different functions and presets included in the arpeggiator plugin
  • How to create your own unique arpeggiator patterns

00:00 Intro
00:32 What's an arpeggiator
01:23 Loading the arpeggiator plugin
02:17 Factory presets
04:12 On/Off
04:24 Rate
04:54 Note order
05:48 Octave range
06:12 Variation
06:43 Inversions
07:16 Custom patterns (pattern grid)
10:20 Adding the arpeggiator to a song
11:29 Alchemy arpeggiator
12:52 Final Thoughts