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Guitar Amp Recording Techniques (using Logic Pro)

logic pro Apr 14, 2022
where should you place the mic?

Today I'm going walkthrough all you need to know to record great sounding electric guitars in Logic Pro using an amplifier and microphone.

In this video you'll learn:

  • Foolproof microphone placements for electric guitar amps
  • Easily find the center of your guitar amp speaker
  • Setting up Logic Pro and your audio interface for recording

00:00 Intro
00:40 Microphone Selection
01:05 Finding the Speaker Center
01:50 Microphone Placement
02:45 Audio Track Settings
03:43 Audio Device Settings
05:16 Track Labelling
05:31 Monitoring
06:57 Settings Levels
08:00 Tuner
08:31 Recording a Section
10:20 Recording Center of the Speaker
11:15 Recording Off Center of the Speaker
11:53 Recording Multiple Takes
12:36 Comping Your Takes
13:13 Comparing Mic Placements
13:58 Off Axis Mic Placement
14:18 Final Thoughts