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Writing Chill Hip Hop (Free Template)

logic pro Jul 30, 2021

In this video I'm going to show you my creative process when writing a chill hip hop loop. I've been really enjoying digging into my good friend Steven Beddall's course on writing, producing, mixing, and mastering lo-fi hip hop, and it inspired me to write a track of my own. In this tutorial I'll be guiding you through how I come up with each musical part as well as how I tweak my sounds.

Download the Instrument & Mix Session Template from this video:

Check out The Definitive Guide To Producing Chill, Lofi Hip Hop 

Free plugins used in this video: 

00:00 Intro
00:20 Finished Track Preview
00:51 Free Template
02:00 Setting Up Our Session
02:32 Piano
03:14 Chord Progression
05:18 Drums
06:21 Bass
08:38 Kick & Snare Follow
09:11 Electric Piano
11:09 Guitar Chords
13:57 Muted Guitar
16:23 Mellotron Melody
18:32 Extra Drums
21:20 Percussion
21:24 Percussion Loop
24:30 FX Loop
26:05 Vocal Loop
27:09 Final Mix & Arrangement