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3 ways to load custom sounds in Drum Machine Designer in Logic Pro

logic pro plugins Jan 25, 2024
custom drum kits

Today we're delving into the world of custom drum kits using Drum Machine Designer in Logic Pro. I'll guide you through three methods to personalize your beats, whether you're loading your own drum samples, utilizing Logic Pro's included sounds, or integrating third-party drum plugins.

Method 1: Loading Logic Pro's Pre-Populated Drum Kits

To kick things off, let's start with the basics. Create an empty software instrument track, load Drum Machine Designer, and explore Logic Pro's preset drum kits. Simply click on "Empty Kit" at the top, and you can choose from an array of professionally curated kits to jumpstart your creativity.

Method 2: Incorporating Logic Pro's Included Sounds

If you prefer to build your own kit using Logic Pro's built-in sounds, I'll show you how to load them into your custom kit. Click on the cell you want to fill (e.g., kick or snare), and Logic will highlight all the available sounds for that kit piece in the Library. Audition and select the ones you like to build your unique drum kit with Logic Pro's extensive library.

Method 3: Adding Your Own Drum Samples

For a truly personalized touch, let's incorporate your own drum samples. Click on the desired instrument cell, like the snare, and drag your audio file directly onto the cell. Whether it's a WAV file or an Apple Loop, you can seamlessly integrate your samples into Drum Machine Designer.

Bonus: Introducing Third-Party Drum Plugins

Take your customization to the next level by integrating sounds from third-party drum plugins. Unpack your kit, create a new track, and load in your favourite drum plugin on your selected track. In the example, we use Steven Slate Drum Sampler. Ensure the input and output notes match the desired instrument, and you've successfully added a third-party sound to your custom drum kit.

Now you have three powerful methods to craft your own drum kits in Logic Pro using Drum Machine Designer. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned producer, these techniques offer flexibility and creativity in shaping your unique sound. Experiment with Logic Pro's extensive library, import your own samples, or explore third-party plugins to discover endless possibilities for your drum tracks.

00:00 Intro
00:43 Loading Drum Machine Designer preset kits
01:54 Starting with an empty kit
02:11 Adding drum sounds from the library
02:58 Adding custom audio samples
03:26 Adding Apple Loops
04:56 Adding 3rd party plugin drum sounds
09:33 Final Thoughts