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Live Streaming for Musicians and Artists (Premium)

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What you'll learn:

  • How to earn money performing from home
  • Microphone and recording techniques that make your live streams stand out
  • How to make your vocals shine with effects such as reverb and delay
  • How to run a live stream with multiple microphones and camera angles
  • How to perform along with pre-recorded material
  • How to record your live stream
  • How to improve your lighting and camera skills
  • Incorporate green screen effects

You'll also receive a 60 minutes personalized tech consultation with Georges.

What People Are Saying:

If you're an artist who prefers sinking your teeth into your artistry over mucking around with tech, the livestream learning curve can prove a non-starter. We just want to plug and play, but instead I'm surfing Youtube tutorials for 'best way to livestream with Logic Pro' and hitting roadblock after roadblock. Thankfully I discovered Knuckledustermusic.com and Georges’ tutorials for livestream set ups. With his relaxed demeanor and patient approach Georges removes the frustration from a performing musician's livestream journey. I can't recommend his Livestream course enough! Easy to understand from start to finish. The training wheels are now off, and I can't wait to develop my livestream shows, thanks in no small way to Knuckledustermusic.com!

Eric Howell

Georges has put together the quintessential course for musicians who are interested in streaming. Not only was I able to gather all the information I needed to get myself setup with the right gear, but I was able to configure my settings to optimize the experience for my audience. The course breaks down all the necessary information in easy to understand, bite sized chunks that doesn't feel overwhelming or complicated. Every step of the way I learned something new and by the time I had finished the course I was ready to rock. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is thinking about streaming as a musician!

Steven Beddall

Georges 'Live Streaming for Musicians and Artists' course was fundamental to getting my livestream setup going. His teaching method is clear and to the point and provides detailed steps and video examples to make retention easier. It also carried over into my music production as well by furthering my understanding of Logic. I can't wait for his 'Logic Pro X Quickstart' course.

Terence Jack