$397.00 USD

Logic Pro: The Musician's Guide

Gain complete mastery of Logic Pro without fighting the software, so that you can make your best music in your home studio.

After completing the course you’ll be empowered with the knowledge to confidently:

  • Finally get your home studio up and running (learn how each piece of gear works together)
  • Organize your Logic Pro session to avoid clutter and foster creativity
  • Learn how to quickly sort through the thousands of presets and options to find the perfect virtual instrument and sound you’re after
  • Create great sounding drum tracks that would make other drummers jealous (even if you’re not a drummer)
  • Instantly know which microphone to choose and where to place it for a pristine recording every time
  • Seamlessly edit and select different recorded takes to create that one perfect take
  • Master the 4 key effect plugins to achieve a outstanding sounding mix
  • Get your music broadcast ready in order to upload to audio streaming services such as Spotify

What People Are Saying:

I just completed your course Logic Pro: The Musician’s Guide and wanted to tell you I thought you did a great job teaching it. I appreciated the walkthrough time and care you gave as you recorded, edited, mixed, and mastered your session. Fantastic job by everyone involved and the song is great. Congratulations and thanks so much.

Scott Smith

Georges' Logic Pro course is as thorough as they come. No fluff and well paced. Forget about having to sort through boring YouTube tutorials, Georges cuts right to the chase and the best part is that he's not just talking about Logic's many features and how they function, he shows you how to put them to good use by actually making music throughout the course. Georges is the real deal. Learn from a master with over a decade of experience teaching Logic Pro to countless students, and take your production skills to the next level!

Steven Beddall

This is an excellent course! It is very informative yet designed and presented in a way that is easy to understand and follow. The original song provided for study as well as added handouts are such great bonus material. I learned so much and will be looking forward to more courses from Knuckleduster Music Inc. Thank you Georges!

Jasna Stojanovic

Just finished the course. Thank you for turning me on to all this knowledge. I totally get it now. Wow!

Paul Olito