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Logic Pro X Quick Start (Coming Soon)

Get started making music in Logic Pro X now! This quick start course will teach you everything you need to know to get you up and running in Logic Pro X.

Get Comfortable

Learn your way around Logic Pro X, so you can spend less time fumbling around menus, and more time creating music.


Learn home recording techniques that free you up to stay creative.


Demystify compression and EQ, and learn how to get pro level mixes from your home studio.

Software Instruments

Discover the many great software instruments available in Logic Pro X, and how to use them to build up your songs.

Harold Malcolm

Whenever I hit a stumbling block while working on a mix, I know I can turn to Georges for both the technical guidance and the creative inspiration I need to finish the mix. Thanks Georges!

Lydia Hol

I’ve hired Georges numerous times as an audio engineer and producer. In every case he was professional, organized, and extremely knowledgeable. I’ve also observed Georges in his role as an instructor. I appreciate his ability to teach complex concepts to all levels of students, with patience and humour.

Matt Reid

As a musician who tracks for clients from a home based studio, I have often sought Georges’ expertise. His thorough knowledge of audio production (as both a producer and an artist) and his student focussed teaching style not only allow me to get back to work quickly, but allow me to gain the skills to navigate the same situations when they occur in the future.

My Free Gift To You

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